Friday, May 10, 2013

Anticipating the 2013 Philippine Elections

The election in the Philippines has always been ugly. That’s a fact. And even in these times when we are now equipped with machines to correctly count the votes and when we have all the media hype to keep people aware of all election-related events in the country, some old things still remain: election-related violence and killings, open vote buying by candidates, public mud-slinging, defamatory propaganda, epal posters, among many others. It’s more fun in the Philippines indeed.

A classic election rivalry is now seen here in Laguna with only two contenders for the post of provincial governor. Spurred by a TV face-off, the fight for this provincial seat has come to the point of open insults which, unfortunately, is seen now not just a way to win votes but simply to destroy each other’s credibility. Looks childish enough but that is politics at its best here. People are torn between the desire to put in place a more trustworthy leader and the need to hinder the one who only knows how to brag and engage in word wars. 

On a happier note, our city has never seen a more election poster-free city than this year. One day we saw the plaza and nearby establishments and public places stripped off those irritating election campaign materials. It’s a move I see as a more mature approach to election.

For now, let us put our confidence to our automated elections.

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