Sunday, December 23, 2012

Earth: 0 A.D.D. (After Doomsday)

Well, it turned out that all that fuss about the Mayan predictions about the end of the world is incorrect. Or inaccurate, depending on your viewpoint. It looks hip to succumb every now and then to some doomsday gossip but for those who to a certain believed it I know it made you think about the possible last activities you could do. Binulabog kumbaga ang sana’y matahi-tahimik mong buhay. 
Now that we have a ‘fresh new’ world (and mind) to start with, let us enjoy this little planet of ours for as long as it lasts. This may be too appropriate to say (or preach) given my age but I have experienced how good it is not to worry too much about things especially about tomorrow. It’s not throwing cautions or responsibilities to the wind. I simply see it as enjoying the present.

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