Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sharing an Adventure with ‘The Hobbit’

A recent article of Sir Ambeth Ocampo talked about motivations on reading. We may be reading for pleasure or for research, among others. But for me there are those times when I am reading to share an adventure or get a feel of an adventure inside a book. That was the same motivation behind my reading of ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R. Tolkien.

I felt bitin when I watched parts of The Lord of the Rings movies series without finishing the book versions. Blame it on the lack of time (such is the usual excuse). And when I found the trailer for The Hobbit movie, I felt obliged to go and read the story.

Now that I have finished the book, more than the thought that I am now prepared the film version I was overwhelmed again by the realization that we can find adventures for ourselves. It doesn’t matter whether we are living in this age when there seems to be no more places to discover other than the usual tourist spots. It doesn’t matter too if the adventure is near or far. Sometimes it’s how much it has changed us that matters. I may not have the same dangerous adventures as Bilbo Baggins but his story definitely fueled me to explore more of the land, of the country I am in right now.

Perhaps the first line of the last song found in the book is an allusion to the fact that having an adventure is a life-long endeavor: “Roads go ever ever on…”

May new adventures (regardless of its definition for you) come to you every day.

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