Wednesday, October 17, 2012

End of Something Beautiful

The title has been borrowed from a song. I just don’t know how to describe this juncture, knowing that I am about to finish a five-month enterprise. I am not yet through with the formalities but I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching this semester. I could only wish I can still continue to do so.
As I write this and become consumed with happy thoughts, let me just share a few lines from a song that is currently permeating my head:

Evaluate your soul with (a) different kind of being
Instinctively, banish it with purity

Miles I've traveled for the passion of revealing
Yes I will survive
Loneliness, banish it with purity

~“Furlan”, Queso

The song’s basis doesn’t matter; it matches the exhilaration right now. I’ve met/got: new people, new experiences, new insights, new friends, new resolves.

It’s a beautiful end because all is new.

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