Monday, October 1, 2012

Before Moving Forward

One forty three. Way past midnight. And as old songs play through my tiny earphones, I am brought back to the times when I first enjoyed them, times when I can say that I am still a bit younger. Somehow it feels exhilarating to recall those activities when those songs filled the vicinity of my old computer. But between the times of the then and the now ugly events have intervened, events that I will shamefully admit were my doing.

But as the strengthening messages of the songs revive my rather tired spirit, I am beginning to think that messages of apologies may suffice – for family members, for former acquaintances, for some who became suddenly involved. Not to acquit myself really or save myself from guilt. But rather a genuine move to free everyone else of bad feelings, a bitter taste on the lips due to the past.

Maybe that will work, and so maybe I must do it.

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