Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birthday Sentiments

Today is a personal milestone. A day when I am now set to particularize my goals and limit my intended expertise to a few. Have I said no fooling around every year? Perhaps. And perhaps it is high time that I take my own words seriously.

I’ll only reach this age once, at least in this existence. And with all the downsides, poor choices, failures, and negativeness, I choose to overthrow them all now. There was that line in a movie which says we all have light and dark within us. It’s only the choice that defines us. Hopefully this time I’ll be able to rectify everything dark in the past twenty five years. Positive emotion trumps negative ones. Family defense, existentialism upholding, people interaction, Philippines, physics, enriching local history, among others.

Twenty five years. After another twenty five years I hope to blog about the rectification process, that is, if there is still blog and internet by that time.

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