Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Gawad Felicisimo T. San Luis 2012 Experience

Time, personal incidents, lost motivations, and engaging work have consumed what could have been my allotted free times to go and deal again with blogging. But a rather sultry night following the days of rain has perhaps agitated my body and finally moved me to look back into the largely unsorted photos of this once-in-a-lifetime activity and write my thoughts about my experience about it. I refer to my participation in the recently concluded Gawad Felicisimo T. San Luis Para sa Namumukod-Tanging Kabataan ng Laguna 2012.

This should have been made already shortly after the awarding rites but it seems more befitting now to make mention of my own experiences a few days ahead of our scheduled meet-up; a kamustahan activity of sort this month.

From those who were completely clueless to those who were fully oriented and well-aware of the competition nature of the search, more or less forty young people from different towns and cities of Laguna were convened in the already-historic place called Bahay Laguna in Magdalena, Laguna to formally join the ranks of those who will participate in the annual search. I remember the disorientation I felt when I first read the notification message which I read on very day of the first meeting. Crawling from the makeshift bed in the already-disorderly apartment, I put on formal clothes saved for work which were fortunately ironed and well-kept. Later on I’d be battling with the rain during transit, confusing text messages regarding the directions to the venue, and a nagging feeling of not being prepared at all. But thankfully I was able to finish the whole introductory activity despite being half-sleep-deprived.

Months soon passed and we participants were engaged and subjected to several activities which, to a large extent, raked into our beings and allowed us to see ourselves better, all the time under the precepts and the inspiring life that was lived by Governor Felicisimo T. San Luis.

And perhaps I would concede to the observation that you get to appreciate someone or something if it is already gone or nearing its end already. Approximating the frequency of my attendance (for in some cases I had to miss an activity either due to work or to personal reasons), I’d say that I have appreciated more the search during the last few sessions, from the days when we were allowed to organize something on our own up to last event. It would have been good to have a clear idea of the competition. But for my case, it was more than fortunate that I was able to learn more about the search during the process already. The learning was always raw and the camaraderie that was forged was, as I have felt it, essentially permanent.

Competition-wise I lost but the prospect of winning was already in the waning as the names were being announced onstage (but that would only be natural for someone who has missed most of the activities). The prize came in the chance to join such an activity at my age when, as I see it, I am already out-of-place (as serious writing contests are my type at the moment). More than that, it was the chance to get to know a group of people with different backgrounds, family stories, religious views, and personal lives which, when shared, enriched our times together more. It will be on a note of regret to realize that I did not get the robust motivation to share more on my end. But still, all the talks and engagements have been insightful.

As in every point in life, it was just fortunate that we were pooled in those particular times. Separate lives will eventual diverge our times and paths and we could only live on memories. I hope I’d be able to attend to future events and see younger generations take the same process. I don’t know but it seems that Gob moves still at the present and bond the Laguna youth more into a one big family.

But in the end, my whole experience in Gawad cannot be confined in just a single blog entry. The heart carries the whole experience.


sky said...

well written. :D

Mary Cris Tambunting said...

How I wish tinapos ko ang proseso. Regrets. :(

Pransism said...

But looking on the brighter side, you are still part of the Gawad 2012 family.