Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 21, Secretary Jesse Robredo, Life, and Other Random Thoughts

The news during the recent long weekend (thanks to Eid-ul-Fitr and the new holiday that is Ninoy Aquino Day) revolved on the uncertain status of the country’s Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo, whose rented private plane crashed off the coast of Masbate. Eventually his body, along with the pilot’s, was found still inside the ill-fated plane, at the bottom of the sea on August 21.

As the wake proceeded, stories poured out from the people who were able to work for and work with him – stories of goodness, humility, and virtues best shown by an ideal servant-leader. Suddenly the term DILG became synonymous with the concept of selfless and honest public service. Somehow Secretary Robredo’s death agitated the sleepy and satiated politicians on their seats and made them uneasy on how they would be seen when they die.

What I enjoyed hearing among these stories was the fact that he could walk freely through the streets of Naga City and actually collected garbage in many instances. It’s like being a politician without the wearisome security problems that are usually associated with the position. For a short time, I already appreciated his approach to politics and perhaps more than that, his approach to public service.

I may not be in the public service but his life story certainly cut through me, especially the fact that he remained a strong family head despite the obvious time-consuming nature of his work. It is responsible action on responsibilities at best – from family, to community, to country. Again, his stature may be hard to reach but I want to take his life as a pattern, if not an inspiration.

Secretary Jesse Robredo’s post was well served. We must now look forward in seeing his progeny.

* Photo Credit: www.gov.ph

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