Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Act of Kindness

The title was derived from a phrase in the Evan Almighty movie: acts of random kindness. It feels rather different when you meet such kindness in person. The experience came in the form of my wallet – suddenly lost, actually unknown to me, then returned.

I decided recently to make use of markers and eraser only for my classes. Aside from them, I only brought with me my cell phone and particularly my wallet so that I will not lose it. In the end, I lost it without even knowing it (I accidentally left it on a drawer slot in the table on one of the classrooms I use).

Then there came these five students who took the trouble to rummage through my wallet to get any identifications of the wallet’s owner. Good thing I still have my temporary ID inside and so they identified me. Hopefully my fervent thank yous will suffice as I do not have any substantial resources to treat them as a reward. The heavens will bless them for me.

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