Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thoughts On Our KAPWA sa UPLB 2012 UPCAT Review

Organizing a big activity has always been a challenge to our organization. And so to witness our resident members pull off gracefully our annual UPCAT Review, I cou
ld not help but be proud of them.

We have been through the same horrors of preparing the questions, running after potential reviewers (which they now call ‘mentors’), and amassing all the (meager) marketing strategies that we knew to attract students to come and participate in our activity.

* my physics discussion; thanks to Angie for the photo

And now after several years, the UPCAT Review has evolved and grew into a three-day review program complete with new mentors (I have been fortunate to be included in the roster for the past several years) and new program flow. As always, we’ll aim again for the participation of all high school in our city. Next year’s target: 100% participation (hear this, resident members). Two thumbs up for this year’s second activity (the first one being the orientation) under the leadership of Siena.

But one bonus for this year’s review is the chance to meet again some of the alumni members. It became a mini-reunion of sort. And for the review the review became more memorable. Cheers to the alumni! See you soon in future events.

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