Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Story Thus Far, As a Teacher

Catching cold at this point signals that I have been involved in too much activity and has neglected to check on my health. True enough, being a novice teacher came as a challenge but I am definitely enjoying this new vocation.

Drastic changes has taken place in the first weeks of June: Gawad Felicisimo T. San Luis Para sa Namumukod-Tanging Kabataan ng Laguna 2012 is finally over (needless to say, I lost); I lost a friend; I am now a daily bus commuter; among many others. And yes, I got a new job.

Although the field of teaching has its own formalisms, I am enjoying the fact that I get to learn new things every single day. Whenever I man the platform of the room, there is always this mixture of dread and joy – dread in the sense that that particular teaching time will be completely different from the one I did yesterday, and joy because nothing can replace the pride of having your knowledge and training shared to younger generations.

So far bus interiors have become my second home. This is where I get to make scribbles of poem drafts, do blogs entries, eat on some occasions, and sleep most of the time. Bus rides have enabled me to see more of the urban side of Manila thanks to the frequent heavy traffic. They gave me the opportunity to reflect more on the gap that still divides the feebleness of human beings and the indifference of the skyscrapers and concrete jungles that we designed for ourselves. Beyond the work aspect, this brings me closer now to the historic Manila and a chance to do more self-imposed tours and historical dig-ins for my blog.

Changes are definitely in place already, but this is more adventurous that the stale moments in front of my table at home. I have been given a brief rest and I am thankful for that. Here is a new phase presenting itself. I’d gladly accept it.


Anonymous said...

Namiss ko yung mga posts dito hahaha...:D
Congrats sa payong and for the post after quite a while

Anonymous said...

nice sic. san ka nag+u+uro?