Friday, April 13, 2012

Study is Hard Work, nothing else

As I was browsing through the newspapers a few months back, I chanced upon this brewing issue on the possibility of waving theses in the higher education institutions to get degrees, something that was unlikely according to at least six colleges and universities in the Philippines (“Waive the thesis? No way, José” by Linda B. Bolido, Philippine Daily Inquirer, January 16, 2012, p.H1).

What really caught my attention was the inset article where three prominent educators shared their life and experience in attaining their Ph.D.’s. One word: inspiring. It makes you realize that those hardcore serious professors we have in the university are not beings from some remote planet in the outer who crashed into Earth. They are humble individuals who slowly and painstakingly did their best to achieve those levels. In many ways, continuing one’s study (be it a Master’s or Doctorate) is not another self-imposed burden but a chance to improve one’s self and develop more skills in your field of choice.

I hope I’d be able to have sufficient resources real soon to embark on my continuation as a student.

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