Monday, April 2, 2012

Post-April Fools’ Resolve

It won’t hurt if a resolve is expressed on April Fools’ Day, will it? It’s just that the thought of the start of a new month is a strong attraction for me to make some new adjustments again in my personal affairs. And it’s also good, I believe, to let the next person (reader in this case) know that I am in the desire to do some avant-garde changes, for lack of a better term.

This won’t be too long. All I want from now on is a harmonious coexistence of some personal freedoms (like the disregard for time limitations, etc.) and the hardcore responsibilities (which will fall mostly on financial aspects). It has been irksome to list things here and there and see them not fulfilled in the end. Perhaps a detachment from strict conformations to norm-regulated living would help. Not that I would be a renegade or a criminal on the loose. Taking risks and diving into more adventures is a more fitful description. Life is too long to assume a robot-like existence. And life is too short not to embark on new experiences.

I hope that slashing a bad past just recently would help me rise up and move forward – for real.

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