Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stereotyping the Philippines: “It’s a Terrible Country”

With the volume of books I’ve read since I discovered my passion for it, I have often been neutral, if not positive, when it comes to commenting on the books I have read. But this time I have a rather discouraging remark regarding a book I am reading right now. Susanna Moore’s “In the Cut” is a mixture of erotic thriller / mystery which is a particularly good read for me as I am in the desire to widen my perspective regarding the use of the concept of sexuality in literary works.

However, lodged inside the pages of the book is a short dialogue which has a rather unsavory flavour into it. A part of the dialogue mentioned the Philippines being a terrible country. Although I know that a disclaimer is usually placed in the opening pages of books, there may been have been some deeper reason beyond that passing remark. Why not other country? It’s not that I am overreacting over such use. It’s just that I am maintaining a blog which intends to promote our country’s rich history and culture. And it’s disheartening to know that a thought is in existence (however semi-fictitious it may be) which sees our land of ours as something terrible.

Be as it may, let us pick up the bad line and make the country ‘El Terible’, notorious for its hunger for growth and development and a strong motivation to uphold its culture and tradition. In the end, let us make something bad a bit more positive.

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