Sunday, February 19, 2012

Experiencing a Dream within a Dream

Ever since I’ve watched the film ‘Inception’ (which I repeated watching for over 10 times already) I have been preoccupied with the ‘unconscious’ and its mechanisms and experiences. Knowing the broad field that is psychology I know that it would be a long way to get a firm picture of what it is and what it does. Experience, for now, would suffice. And a rather scary experience happened just this midnight. A dream within a dream. Something that I thought is not entirely plausible but which I experienced. Fortunately, I always have a pen and paper beside whenever I sleep and so I was able to take notes of the details of the dream.

First there came that realization that I was dreaming, a suffocation of some sort tagged within me and so I willed myself to wake up through shouting (or groaning as I recalled later). Then I felt myself swimming upwards with noises of the air around.

(Dream level 2): Then I find myself sleeping near the table (where I sleep most of the time because of long hours in front of the laptop). Then I saw these two persons from the church where I used to attend. They seemed to be walking out of the church but in fact they are in front of me. I thought it would be better to reintroduce myself to the other person as we have been acquaintances before. Then I got angry (reasons unknown) then I banged my sister’s drawer and became aware that I was dreaming. And so again I willed myself to wake up by shouting (or groaning again as I recalled later).

(Dream level 1): Then I woke up with difficulty. I thought I was sick and I could not open my eyes. Then I thought I was going to throw up and so I coughed and got on my hands foamy substances from my mouth and some coagulated blood. I ran downstairs and found the stairs littered with blood splatters which I thought came from me. Then I turned on the light in the kitchen area and the comfort room then opened the lights in the sala area. I looked into the mirror to see myself but I still could not open my eyes. I then realized that I was dreaming again and yet again, willed myself to wake up.

(Reality): Finally I found myself beside my table and the laptop and knew right there that I have finally woken up for I was still holding the Sherlock Holmes book I was reading. No need for a totem to check reality.

This experience of mine really demands an explanation from someone who can.

Photo Credit: F. Mondez

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