Friday, January 13, 2012

The Unlucky Friday the 13th

Fussing over a simple day such as 13 seems to be a folly already. Or even to the point of being ritualistic (that thought about rituals comes from the book by Harald Gruendl entitled ‘The Death of Fashion’ which I am devouring right now). But let us give this day to those who find Friday the 13th unusual and spooky. After all, there will only be three Friday the 13th this year. Another bonus for them is February 29.

A simple musing would reveal to us how people can give vivid meaning into an otherwise simple thing such as this day. It will always be an unlucky day if we think and say so and perhaps our subconscious mind would urge the body to put itself into inconvenient situations just to prove that contention. Better stick to what it is: that 13 is just a number, nothing else.

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