Friday, December 2, 2011

Rethinking December Consumption

.The month of December comes in with the usual chilly morning air and festive mood. Christmas is at hand and all would now be Christmas songs and carols in our ears, Christmas decors to look at, and Christmas delicacies to indulge with. In short, it is all about consumption again by our dear, old senses.

But a simple thought, written by Sarah Nardi in an issue of Adbusters Magazine would make one rethink on how one would approach the Christmas, beyond all the pretexts to celebrate the birth of the Messiah of Christendom. She spoke of fasting done in the (more or less) same holiday of the Muslims, the Ramadan. It is not about consumption but in fact abstinence, designed as the short article said: “…to bring closer to one’s spiritual self.” Christian or not, it may be high time for those who chance upon this blog post to revamp our consuming attitude for the coming holidays. One can make it a re-founding of one’s self. That’s something to think about.

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