Thursday, December 8, 2011

Of Deltas and Losses


It’s a wonder how much of life’s experiences can be summed in the alternating descriptions of deltas and losses. Delta is not that foreign to me, having been acquainted with it through physics to denote change. Yes, changes. Then there are losses. Forgive this semi-series of emo posts. I have said to an intimate anyway that this will be my last post of that character. It is time to get over the ugly details of the recent weeks and move on.

Breathing in Changes

When one chooses not to act on something, an impetus I choose to call change will definitely run over you. But in accepting change as your inevitable shadow (in the protagonist and antagonist sense of the word), you can somehow weather eventualities not in your favor. War, as has been reminded to me recently, brings changes. War is fundamentally ugly. And so ugly affairs definitely change you or your environment. Inevitable or not, we just have to brave all of them. In my case, braved it all I did. But hopefully things would turn better after all those hasty decisions made just to patch the problems. Change compelled those decisions. And those decisions will soon attract change. That only shows that we can never go round change. It’s a part of us. It’s in the air we breathe.

Bridging Losses

We get to lose something every now and then. It may be a few bills or a wallet sometimes. Or we get to loss a chance to watch a long awaited concert. But to lose a relationship, more so a bounded one, rakes into one’s psyche and leaves you that feeling of emptiness. Perhaps emptiness is not sufficient to describe it. A calm, more likely. A calm in the storm. The calm you feel after recovering from a high fever. A calm which rings into your ears. A calm that smells of pain no matter how hard one deny it. But loss is never felt more painfully when you bridge that emptiness, when you try to overcome the realization of the loss. But as with change, we can only move on when we brave the reality of loss. Only then can we find the initiative to make the necessary amendments.

Forgive my vagueness reader.

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