Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Faces of the Storms

Sometimes, the rain comes to us like a relief. In a tropical paradise like the Philippines (yes, it is), a brief respite in the heat of the whole day compels one to relax, make a cup of coffee, rest on a comfortable chair and look out the glass window and watch as the rain drops kiss the polycrystalline shield and eventually slide down to the ground.

It is a picturesque description if not for the fact that heavy rains, particularly in our country, prove to be devastating. Rain can move you to a poetic, if not romantic, trance. But rain can also turn one’s dreams into dreadful nightmares.

And this has been true in the past few weeks. Three strong typhoons (and still counting) and we have another set of statistics for dead people; several millions of pesos worth of destroyed infrastructures, crops, and houses. The typhoons Pedring and Quiel could have wiped the entire Luzon with all their furies. The Philippines is gifted with water more anything else every year.

With the coming of the Christmas season, the devastation that left most of Northern Luzon to waste will surely affect the upcoming festivities. In the wake of these calamities, another round of blame throwing is at hand: the concerned government bureaus or agencies? or the people who refused to evacuate? But in the end, since we cannot really move the country out of the typhoons’ paths, we might as well do the most basic of all activities, and that is preparation.

Photo credit: calvinshub.com

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