Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Recalling Childhood through “Oxygene”

Although I would agree that old objects, antiques, and the like can bring back even the most repressed memories from a very distant past, the same can be said of smell and hearing. This is particularly true for me, as scents of perfume or aroma are processed by my brain to be associated with certain events or people. This is also true for the sense of hearing. I literally grew up with music in my ears everyday.

And so when I stumbled upon the “Oxygene” album of Jean-Michel André Jarre, snippets from my childhood came back to me. I remember bringing a cassette tape of the said album from the house of my cousin (the tape belongs to his father) to our house. Then we would go to an upstairs room, close the windows, put the tape in an antique cassette tape player, and we would listen to the tracks with eyes closed, as if we were in a ritual. In recalling those childhood activities, I cannot say that I have been afraid of the music. It was, to say the least, therapeutic. The cover art in fact reinforced that budding idea that there is so much to be learned about this world. And indeed as of this writing, I can still say that much can still be learned about the world, however dark they may be sometimes.

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