Thursday, August 4, 2011

A SONA Late Review

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It has been more than a week since the President delivered his second State of the Nation Address or SONA. And between that day and today, a multitude of activities has hindered me to sit properly in front of a computer and create words out of this eternally blinking cursor.

I initially intended to make a comparison of the contents of his SONA last year and his SONA this year. But owing to: 1) time constraints and 2) the most logical attack I could think of right now, I thought it better to dwell on his most recent SONA. Let us him give the consolation (for lack of a better term) for the first one. The second one deserves all the scrutiny.

A quick survey of his speech would reveal that reports of accomplishments certainly surpassed the number of pinpointing / blame statements. And the manner in which he delivered them – through the common Filipino or Tagalog flow of speaking – made it quick to absorb and easy to understand. I don’t know but the way he used concepts and metaphors reminded me of some of the speeches of Ferdinand Marcos which I have read or watched online. (Such form of re-emergence of the past has been noted by Sir Ambeth Ocampo in his article yesterday in Philippine Daily Inquirer entitled ‘Rape in 1896.’ He expressed a thought/query on the possibility that the ‘Matuwid na Daan’ concept is just like the ‘Bagong Lipunan’ before.) But the way Marcos articulated in English is certainly different from the simple approach in Filipino of President Noynoy. I will stop here so as not to make this entry a comparison between Aquino and Marcos.

The whole of the Address is fluid in character and much of the country’s various issues, sectors, and needs I would say were left un-discussed. To that extent, my activist acquaintances certainly have all the rights to describe it through different names. Some said it was no SONA at all. Some said it was all “wang wang”. But whatever noise we do, it was still the SONA of the President of the Philippines.

But personally, I think the next twelve months will be (or must be) the work grounds of the President on which to prove himself as a capable leader. I cannot say that there will be no detractors anymore. That is far from happening. But I bet a handful of hope for the next year. By that time, I think he ought to give a stronger message to the Filipino people who are impatient with development but at the same time do not do much to aid the administration. At least a few minutes before his third SONA, everyone and everything can be given a tinge of hope.

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