Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Final Note on Ninoy

It would be eventually quite irritating were I to repeat myself every year about my confidence and pride in the works of Ninoy Aquino during the very dark times of Martial Law in the Philippines. A plethora of critics and cynics abound who go against the man on our 500-peso bill, but I care not. History is often made by small things* and whatever attempts the others do to belittle the efforts of Ninoy to confront the iron fist that was Martial Law, we cannot deny that he did his part and was quite well aware of the role he was manning during those times. Through small things, he aided in bringing forth a greater thing – the eventual crash of Martial Law.

Perhaps my earlier note on Ninoy (read the entry A Short Note on Ninoy’) which is now linked in the website would sum up what I think of the man. As a final note, I encourage each one, especially those who I call the post-EDSA I generation, to pick up those books relaying the events in the country from 1972 to 1986 and feel the moving spirit of Ninoy all throughout.

* from “A Letter of Mary”, by Laurie R. King, USA: Bantam, 1998,. p. 127

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