Friday, July 22, 2011

On Death

When life is forcibly extinguished from an individual, it gives the event a very dark atmosphere, discordant with almost all of the romanticized views we have about life. Murder, in all its forms, will always create that sickening feeling in the stomach, as if your body wants throw up the very knowledge that someone has been killed.

My thoughts wander to these themes for in just a span of four months I have witnessed several deaths and individuals close to dying. There have been those road accidents, all fast-paced and brutal in their own respect. And there were those open killings, individuals killed in the open, presumably by hired men ready to shoot for a fee.

It still makes me sick to recall in my mind the gunshots that killed an individual this morning. Then seeing the disorientation of the bystanders. Then the fresh blood spilled over the road. Killing is indeed an ugly affair.

With these thoughts, I have realized that I still have not come into terms with the concept of death, or of killing for that matter. Life, no matter how lousy it has been lived, is still a life, created through the mysterious workings of nature and of this existence.

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