Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Challenge (and Beyond)

Life sometimes can be best described through metaphors. And mine can be likened to a treacherous paddling of a boat through a wild river rushing downward with your face against the current. Dangers can only be guessed at. And life gets more and more uncertain in each passing day.

But I have come to live by that metaphor. Through that, I have come to appreciate each day as if it is my last. Yes, as if it is my last. And I think life is an adventure in itself, however harsh it may seem sometimes.

But then there are those who stand by the riverside, observing my boat traversing the insane river and gamely utter generalizations as if they know the very hardships of the travel. I have taught myself the hard way not to judge anyone or anything the first time I meet them. But when someone continues to assume the role of humanity’s judge, there will come a point when my patience will run aground.

I am not perfect and I don’t think I will be one. But I intend to explore new things and improve those I have come to learn so far. I don’t care if others could not come into terms with my idiosyncrasies. This is my life after all. No one, not even any forms of deities can dictate the course that I would take.

Now where’s the July challenge here? The challenge is to cement these musings to my mind.

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