Sunday, July 17, 2011

2011 NAST Annual Scientific Meeting

* scientific posters session area

* our humble presentation

The recently concluded 2011 National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) Annual Scientific Meeting gave me again renewed insights about the current state of science and technology in the country and of national development in general. Held again at the Manila Hotel from July 13 to 14, this year’s meeting has the theme: “Meeting the Challenges of Agricultural Productivity Competitiveness and Sustainability.”

Beside the usual NAST Awards given every year, the annual meeting was graced with seven plenary sessions, each of which touched on important aspects of food security, agriculture, ecology, and extension.

* Senator Francis Pangilinan in his keynote address
at the 2011 NAST Annual Scientific Meeting

* Senator Francis Pangilinan being interviewed by the media people

* Dr. Rodel Lasco discussing their presentation
entitled “Sustaining Ecologi
cal Services”

The two-day activity was opened by the NAST President Dr. Emil Javier followed by the keynote address by Senator Francis Pangilinan.

Senator Kiko’s speech was particularly powerful; I daresay that the early birds of the meeting were awakened by his equally powerful voice. He emphasized on the fact that the problem with people-oriented initiatives are poor governance and poor execution (of laws and policies). He also expounded on the problems facing the agriculture and fishery sectors. But he also mentioned the actions taken so far by the government to address them. He then addressed the scientists in attendance, saying that they (including me?) are at the forefront and are in the capacity to solve problems and create concrete results. At the end of his speech, he shared a simple thought (or perhaps a challenge): that 15 to 16 years from now, we could look at this year and could proudly say that we were able to participate in nation building through science and technology.

* the academicians during the closing program;
on the lower right side is my former professor Dr. Eliezer Albacea

* the UP Rayadillo during the closing program

Four years of attending this annual meeting has shown me the Academy’s maturing approach in terms of policy-making and solution-making. I have been initially doubtful of such conferences, thinking that all talk could not solve anything. But I have seen through that childish musing and realized that proper planning (meaning meeting with the experts) will lead to proper execution (flawless policies for the society). The researches being presented in the poster sessions are also evolving, at least within the chemical and physics science division. Biophysics is the current trend and I was surprised to see such wide array of researches in the field both experimental ad theoretical.

* water glass; my companion for the two-day program

* first snack! panada?

* flower-like cloth arrangement

Of course Manila Hotel will always be the perfect place for the meeting, given the number of people attending the meeting every year. And the food? Well, it is Manila Hotel. Manila Hotel is good food. And good food is Manila Hotel. I jut hope that I would be able to come up with a new research area to pursue to be presented in the 2012 Annual Scientific Meeting, seeing that I have exhausted now all the undergraduate researches I’ve done in the past years.


kris said...

Hello, it was good for you to be able to join the conference this year. Do you happen to know when would the conference be next year? Thanks

Pransism said...

Hi Kris. You could check out for any details for next year's conference. Thank you.