Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New June and Revolutionizing Thoughts

Trala, how sweet are the days of June
When earth and sky seem to be in tune
The happy days of the year are all here
To feel our hearts with (cheers)!

This short song I learned during my elementary school days still plays in my mind as June comes. Perhaps the merry lines of the song pertain to the refreshing rainy days and the start of schooling. That is more for the little ones. As for the older ones (me included) the coming of the new season can be welcomed with new thoughts. I have been reading David Cooper’s book entitled “A Grammar of Living” and it has been sharing to me novel and revolutionizing ideas which I cannot imagine figuring out on my own. To discuss even an overview of the contents of the book would do injustice to the writer. I can only recommend a direct reading of the book. With the coming of June and all the uncertainties of the rest of the year, I face them all with restructured resolve, if not optimism.

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