Monday, June 6, 2011

Classes Starts Today

Snarls of tricycle and jeepney engines in the early morning.
Heavier traffic.
More street vendors selling rags, sweets, street foods, etc.
These are but a few of the glaring signs that classes are at their commencement already. Free times are over for the children and all days from now on will be filled with notes, books, and lessons.

I’m not usually affected by such thing as resumption of classes. But due to one instance when we were able to catch an evening news about the upcoming resumption of classes and the great reluctance (and disbelief) of my sister that she is already coming back to school, I thought it better to look around and observe how things fare at the start of the June classes.

In Manila Bulletin’s June 6, 2011 issue, a short data on the estimates of Department of Education (DepEd) was discussed (“Campus boom: DepEd, CHEd expect 28-M students”, Manila Bulletin, June 6, 2011, Vol. 462, No. 06, pp.1,6): 22.5 million students shall attend different public elementary and high schools while 3.56 million students shall attend private schools. On the other hand, 2.6 million students shall attend different higher education institutes (HEIs) in the country. The country is indeed abuzz with all those students.

Meanwhile, DepEd’s K+12 program – the plan to add two more years to the country’s basic education program – is on the hot seat again (K+12 no answer to education woes, say bishops”, Philippine Daily Inquirer, June 6, 2011, Vol. 26, No. 178, p.A4). Oppositions abound in this government endeavor and people seem to assume the role of preachers again; they all have something to say about the issue.

Anyway for now I think let us allow the students to settle first and adapt to their new set of classes and subjects. Goodluck sa inyo!

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