Monday, May 16, 2011

Words to those Cowards

I’ve never been into bitter, physical fights before despite the fact that I could easily lose my temper. But then as one grows older there comes certain instances when direct confrontations are already imperative. And that is my view as I write this right now.

The attack in our house last night was a cowardly act of some unknown people who either have no concrete thing in their heads or are just plain drug addicts. As far I know I don’t have any domestic enemies who would resort to such antics. This is vandalism at its lowest, most primordial form – attacking for no apparent reasons. This thing has happened many times already; once our bath towel was deliberately burned outside, our back window opened and vandalized, and our front door defaced.

I am quite sure that those savages will not be able to read this, but I am raising a challenge that if anyone has to settle any issue with me, it is better to lay the issue down in front of me and settle it face-to-face. I cannot afford to fight cowards who can only attack when everyone else is asleep. And certainly I do not want to live among savages. I detest living there in the past years. To live with them any longer is to condone their savagery and recognize their savage nature.

Does this call for a house transfer? I say yes. Definitely. We deserve a more human living. Enough of all these.


Naomi said...

my god, that sucks. why would anyone do that? tsk tsk. ganyan talaga mga gwapo, lapitin ng gulo ;)

pero tama, lipat na! these savages might end up hurting you and the people you live with. don't risk it.

Pransism said...

That's the same question we've been asking ourselves, Ate Nao: why would they do that? Do they need anything? But I confess, I'm not sure with the gwapo thing,haha!

House transfer is the next best thing to do, but it's not always practical given all the expenses that will be needed. Hay. Pero kailangan na talaga. That would the priority for the next six months of the year.

Thanks for dropping by Ate Nao.