Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet Jenny Finn, the Doom Messiah

It was in December 2009 when I was inducted into the world of comics and comic books. Reading through them (most especially graphic novels) has always been a pleasure. Just recently, I was able to obtain a work of Mike Mignola (the creator of Hellboy) – Jenny Finn: the Doom Messiah; this is actually a collaboration between Mignola and Troy Nixey.

Set in Victorian London, the story employs the concept of Doom and expounds on the manner it was received by the people at that time. Dark, that’s how I can describe the story. I am not yet aware if there is already a full colored version of the story but the few colored pages I saw online were superb. I foresee the full colored version to be of gloomy atmosphere which matches the storyline well.

Finding Jenny Finn however was a surprise to me, having written a poem which resembles some of her characters. I could not help but recall the concept of the collective unconscious put forward by Carl Jung. Consider my naïve wondering: is it possible that we all have that integral notion of the doom, of our doom, of our end?

But before we get too analytical psychological and philosophical here, I’ll say that you definitely have to meet Jenny Finn.

Writers: Mike Mignola and Troy Nixey | Artists: Troy Nixey (Chapters 1-3), Farel Dalrymple (Chapter 4) | Letterer: Pat Brosseau (Chapters 1-2), Ed Dukeshire (Chapters 3-4) | Published by Boom! Studios (, 2008.

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