Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Land of the Demolished: Parian, Calamba City

Here are some of the photos I took from inside a bus when it passed by Brgy. Parian, Calamba City, Laguna. What you see is the place where a large-scale demolition happened (ironically on April 27, 2011, the same day as the declared 10th Cityhood Anniversary of Calamba City).

I was not able to obtain any news article regarding the incident, only a press release in a blog site and a plea to GMA Network to look into the incident (which was voiced out through Wikipedia).

The press release from the blog site I mentioned said that this particular land is owned by the Lazaros (from the family of former Governor Teresita “Ningning” Lazaro). If this is indeed true, it’s somewhat awkward, more like a political maneuver in fact, given that they no longer hold the office of the governor. What makes it more awkward is that it happened on a feast day, supposedly a day of celebration.

One cannot help but think (if treated in a larger context) that it is part of weeding out those places (or sights perhaps?) which would hamper the boom of Calamba City with regards to its economic development. I don’t think “being urbanized” is the proper term; “being metropolitized” is a more descriptive term.

We are bound to see more of these incidents and drama in the coming years in Calamba City.

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sanDiego said...

Thank you for making public the plight of poor citizens. I hope you may also look into the situation of Villa de Calamba, a subdivision right next to the City Hall. Villa de Calamba is controlled by a syndicate that forces residents to pay monthly dues which goes to the pockets of the syndicate members and not for the benefit of home owners. It has become the sole livelihood of some of the syndicate members because they have no other jobs. It used to be a private subdivision but it has been turned over to the local government many years ago.

Thank you