Sunday, April 3, 2011

City Government of San Pablo Tackles the Garbage Issue

Having a sister connected with the barangay youth council is an advantage as I am able to get a hold of news about the city government of San Pablo firsthand. I will now share here good news about the city’s garbage management.

Garbage Segregation

“Bawasan ang Basurang Itinatapon! Dagdag Pera, Bawas Basura.” This is the slogan that fronts the semi-memo I obtained from my sister, stating the implementation of garbage segregation (at least in our barangay). I am not aware if there is already an existing city ordinance about garbage segregation but if there is, this would be the first instance that it would be manifested. The aforementioned segregation will commence on April 15, 2011. The date is good for it is currently summer vacation – young children can join be instructed about this worthwhile activity.

A schedule for the segregated garbage collection was also given:
Nabubulok [Biodegradable]: Linggo, Lunes, Miyerkules, Biyernes
Di Nabubulok [Non-biodegradable]: Martes, Huwebes, Sabado

There was, however, a reminder not to hang the garbage packs on walls, electric posts, and similar places. This be better followed. This will lessen the eye sores in our city’s streets.

Plastic-Free San Pablo City

This is already a follow-up about my earlier post about banning the use of plastics in establishments in San Pablo City. City Ordinance No. 2009-14 specifically states the prohibition of the use of plastic bags on dry goods, its minimal use on wet goods, and the prohibition of the use of styrofoam in San Pablo City.

The offenders shall be given the following fines:
Small Stores: 1st Offense – P1,000 | 2nd Offense – P2,000 | 3rd Offense – P3,000 AND imprisonment for six (6) months and cancellation of license for one (1) year
Supermarkets / Department Stores / Malls / Food Chains: 1st Offense – P2,000 | 2nd Offense – P3,500 | 3rd Offense – P5,000 AND imprisonment for six(6) months and cancellation of license for one (1) year

All these are joint initiatives of the Office of the City Mayor and the City Solid Waste Management Office (CSWMO). You may contact CSWMO at (049) 503-1623 for any inquiries or additional information. I cannot help but recall the same initiatives by the municipal government of Los Baños, Laguna a few years ago; they are now reaping the fruits of their ordinance. Plastics may be ubiquitous and may be still be indispensable for the next century (or two), but at least we are doing some ways by which we can lessen their usage.

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