Monday, March 7, 2011

Plastic-Free San Pablo City

A recent news article reported that an ordinance is now operating in San Pablo City banning the use of plastic materials in major establishments such as supermarkets and food stores. A preparation period (from March to August) is given for those establishments to adjust to this ordinance.

This is good news indeed. I have been secretly wishing that San Pablo follow suit after Los Baños who earlier made a similar ordinance. The next thing to anticipate is the ordinance’s reception to the people of San Pablo. I just hope that they (or we) will have the will to participate in this endeavor to help the environment. Some say that the shift to the use of paper bags would in turn affect the exploitation of trees which are primarily used to make papers. Well, I believe that we must first make a positive move with regards to these plastic materials which may take a century or more to degrade. That’s a more pressing problem as we only have one planet. We cannot afford to make this a big wasteland in the future.

Thumbs up to the people behind the ordinance.

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