Saturday, January 1, 2011

What It Means to be a Blogger

There have been many instances when I made a ‘pause’ of some sort and reflected on this particular activity I have come to assimilate in my being: blogging. That was what I originally planned to do. And make it as my first blog entry in Viole(n)t Mugs for this year.

But rummaging through my saved files again, I came across the keynote address of Manuel ‘Manolo’ Quezon III during the recently-concluded Philippine Blog Awards. It was definitely thought-provoking. Though brief, it seems to me that I would be diluting the message if I were to summarize it.

So as a primer of sort for those who blog, read blog, and breath blogging, this piece is definitely worth reading. (Read the address here.)

A happy new year to you, dear reader.

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