Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yule Talk 3: A View of the Lunar Eclipse

It would have been more memorable if I was able to take a picture of the moon. But no, nothing can buy experience. And so I can only go as far as describing it.

The lunar feat rising in the east just beside Mount San Cristobal. The reddish glow. The bright light that seem to emanate from it. The view of Sampaloc Lake adding an atmosphere of awe of the eclipse. The surprisingly dark surroundings (except for the evening lights of the houses around the lake). Indeed, it felt so food to lose awareness of time and space (space indeed, as I positioned myself on a terrace overlooking a cliff) even for just a few minutes.

In moments like this, I cannot help but imagine what it was like hundreds of years ago. When there was still no light pollution. When the night was always darkness. And when the only thing to be marveled at was the sky. No wonder they look up to the heavens as if the gods reside there. The phenomenon I saw last night was marvelous.

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