Monday, December 27, 2010

Year-Ender II: Downs

I have always said to an intimate that problems or challenges that a person faces are like spices of life. It would be a dull existence if all was just joy and happiness. Of course, this is an exaggeration (or if not, an understatement). But problems – struggles as I like to call them – transformed me into a stronger individual. Much like an athlete preparing for his or her Big Day. The preparations may be tiring and wearisome but they have definitely some concrete ends to meet. Life’s struggles may be irreconcilable for some people’s idea of life, but for me, they are an integral part of my being.

For I believe they are natural offshoots of our actions and we only need to get around and solve them for ourselves.

The landscape of my 2010 has been composed primarily of struggles. There came those times when my writing was questioned by people within the family circles. As if writing is something foreign, something reserved for the rich and not for those who need to earn money to survive.

Then there were domestic ones, concerning principally schedules and budgeting. It was hard enough to transport one’s self between two houses. It created another chunk of headache when a third house was considered. Home-related plans were made to earn convenience, but with all the constraints and ‘politics’ (as I love to call them), no good was achieved, only headaches and busted pockets.

A plan for a business enterprise, which in theory was very good, did not materialize due to severe budget and logistics limitations. A job is good but one has to have a working trade where money can be generated. That was the philosophy. That was the mission. But it is yet to be fulfilled.

Finally, at the close of the year, it comes clearer to me that as we journey through the rough roads of life, one could not help but etch troubles along the way. I realized that it is high time (a few more days are left for the year anyway) to make a pit stop and walk back to some of the blazed trails and patch up those things that need some patching up.

It seems that it is quite easy to say it in words. But I know that it is going to bloody, definitely bloody. I intend to live a more mature phase of life anyway, so better make amends on some of the past’s pock marks (forgive the play with words).

[It’s good to realize that this entry ends on a positive note.]

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