Monday, October 25, 2010

Three Unforgivable Characters: Tom Marvolo Riddle

He is literally unforgivable.

But despite all the evil that he has exhibited in the Harry Potter series, one cannot help but admire the ways through which he obtained his stature as an evil genius.

It is a pity to note that his past somehow contributed to what he became later in life. A loveless union. A bitter life in an orphanage. The lack of people who could have shown him love and affection. If only Dumbledore discovered him much earlier. But then, if that happened there would be no archenemy for Harry Potter.

Prefect. Headboy. One of the best students Hogwarts ever had. A great Legilimens. An accomplished Occlumens. A Parselmouth. He was not a descendant of Slytherin for nothing.

And since he was intended as the antagonist of the series, I can only proceed to discuss what he has done (and what he has not done) that led to his downfall: his lack of trust to his own followers; his lack of initiative to understand that magic that first defeated him; his arrogance. And from what I observed, his extreme obsession not to conquer death but to escape it. His use of the Horcruxes and not of the Hallows (as Harry pointed out to Dumbledore in the last book) shows only that he is a coward on the inside. Perhaps he got the idea of death as a weakness in thinking that her mother was not a witch since she died when he was born. And he refused to reflect on these things and proceed to overcome this corrupted view of death. Through what? Through attempting to rule the Wizard and the Muggle Worlds.

What good did he bring to the series? Well, through him, some of the characters were able to discover more of their potential characters and used them during those tumultuous times of the Second Wizarding War. Also, courage and bravery sprouted like mushrooms among the characters. Remember Neville. And Percy’s reformation. Tonk’s insistence to join the battle. Molly’s driving force to fight. Little Colin. Many were killed in the end, but we saw that their deaths were not in vain.

I would admit that it is quite hard to write something about an enemy. Anyway, I shall wrap up my Harry Potter blog entry series soon.

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