Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moving On…

As time pass by, I realize more and more that one would get hurt less if he or she would just accept some realities that they would never be able to twist or change to their favor.

Finding some relics of the past relives particular memories that were either happy or sad. But knowing that it would do me no good to dwell on those memories (who wants to get hurt again and again anyway?), it is better to have them shelved away, if not thrown away. Personally, I find it good to know that life gives us a mix of its spices. We get to experience bliss and feel down when things are not going well. We cannot always have all the things for ourselves.

The apex of existence is the present and future where there are still many things to be expected.

Past will always be that: past.

(Forgive me again for some random thoughts.)

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Anonymous said...

in our journey, there are times that we want to go back, and look for things or persons that really made us happy...the bad thing is you can only move forward and look for things or persons that will make you feel the same...the worse thing is... they are rare...and sometimes they have expiration dates.. the worst thing is you will only go back and look for thing or persons that really made you happy...good day..