Sunday, October 24, 2010

Election Election!

We are to experience again one of the liveliest activities o
f the Filipinos, the election. Although it is only on the barangay level, it disturbs me to note the features that also characterize the national election campaigns.

There’s the usual kamag-anak, kumpare thing, where one reminds the voter of his or her connection to the person’s relatives. Since they are somehow related, it would not hurt to vote the candidato.

There’s also those pompous campaigns made all over the barangay: processions of vehicles with blaring horns and decorated with balloons of different colors. And oh, there are the children, programmed to chant the names of their bets. The noisier, the better chances of wining.

And there are the ever-present slogans about ‘pagbabago’ and ‘pag-asa’ plastered on every bare wall in the barangay, all of which lack the same thing: a concrete platform of what the candidates envision for their barangays and how they shall make them a reality.

It is sad that there is still that blurred dividing line between the Filipino’s concept of power and public service. The barangay election is a chance for us to vote for the people that are really capable of honing their leadership capabilities. We should not waste our votes to place into position those who would obviously use them for their own good.

So basically it’s the same with the national elections. We should be critical in choosing our future leaders. Let us hope that tomorrow’s event would be a peaceful one.

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