Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Winning Moment

It would be a lie if I were not to say that this recently conclud
ed activity was a winning moment for me. Although I never hoped to win in this essay writing contest (indeed I did not win the first place), to be able to write something comprehensive and have it recognized is already a prize for me.

* the glass trophy (or should this be called a plaque?); find the misspelled word

* the center stage!

* waiting for the appetizer

* a group of singers serenading the attendees

This essay contest I am pertaining to is entitled “The Search for Energy Youth Leaders” with the theme of The Role of the Youth in Tackling the Challenges of the New Energy Future. It was sponsored by several energy agencies and other industry and academic partners.

Reading through my submitted essay again, I still see that my proposed solution is still a simple one. It might because of this simplicity that I was given the consolation prize, which was not in the original list of prizes. We were speculating that my essay got a high grade from Shell, and being one of the major sponsors, was given the liberty to put me in the list of winners.

* Pransisem, haggard and nervous

* the emcees – one resembled Celdran, the other, a beautiful lady

* fellow participants

* new friends from TUP, TUP, UP Diliman, and PUP

The guest of honor was Energy Secretary Jose Almendras. A part of his speech gave emphasis to the importance of considering fresh ideas from the youth and he said that the essay contest was a good venue for it. This view is of course within the context of energy situation in the country. He has a catching voice and I remember spending more time listening to his voice and observing the way he spoke.

My one regret in the event was that I was not able to see much of the place, at least on the ground floor of the Makati Shangri-la Hotel. It seems to me now that it was a tight-scheduled activity and the hall was immediately cleaned up after the awarding.

Also, I was not able to enjoy the company of my co-participants because I had to coordinate with some of the organizers in order to secure the cash prize that comes with the citation. It happened before that I missed receiving an incentive for a published work which gave me a nightmare since I needed money at that time.

The place, the food, the activity: all thumbs up.

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