Sunday, September 26, 2010

On the Demise of My Books

Well, not only books but my prized magazines too that I have collected for ten years.

I cannot exactly say that this is just being materialistic. Any book lover or collector would definite be of the same feeling when they see their books get damaged or destroyed. Somehow, they are already part of you, and it pains one to see them get to the inglorious place that is the garbage bin.

* a view of half of my collections taken in 2009 (the other half I keep around my computer and makeshift bed) | in the upper photo, the magazines in the upper cabinet were rendered useless, in the middle were my physics books, most of which were gone now | the empty shelves was where the first termite attack happened

My constant problem in the house is the detestable termites. Having half of the house inherited from our forefathers, which is all made of wood, the threat has always been there. Once, in 2007, some of my books were attacked, losing precious books such as my Boy Scout book, a rare Philippine history book I got from a close friend, among other. I did not anticipate that my cleanup of the wood, which consisted primarily of raking those old and hollow woods as well as some random termites away, would result to another attack. This time more devastating.

They seemed to have migrated to more ‘wooden’ pastures. And they chose to reside in my cabinet of magazines I got from abroad and to my physics books! To my physics books! I lost almost a quarter of those precious technical books, some which were just recently acquired. I admit that I still have not read them all but to have them is a start for me to tackle or read them, perhaps in the future. My mother commented that those termites have probably taken revenge to me for displacing them earlier last month. I think I cannot fully recover from this. I junked a whole sack of books and magazines by midnight yesterday.

Anyway, as in any untoward events, life must go on and I shall attempt to rebuild my collections, if that is still possible. I am keeping a small house with someone on the foot of Mount Maquiling and I am thinking of migrating some of my books there. But for now, I need to store the surviving books and magazines more carefully.

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Anonymous said...

Any bibliophile feels awful when they lose a book, much more their collection.