Sunday, September 5, 2010

Life and Time

What I have initially thought of as a few days’ “enforced isolation” proved to be genuinely strengthening for myself. Not that I totally detested those days. Certainly a body subjected to hardships not previously experienced by the individual would naturally produce ire from within. I am yet to get used to those activities but they were nevertheless instructive to me.

For one, a deep realization and appreciation of time – and I mean each passing second that ticks in each of our watches or clocks – and the many instances we have chosen to waste them have come down to me like a burning bush experience (without, of course, the God aspect of it). I can never, as in never, be able to push back time but I can at least make reparations for the present and for the future.

I should not go on exhorting about what you’re supposed to do with life and time. But having seen and experienced (and learned) how we can actually make the choices towards more agreeable future or at least events for the present, I feel somehow justified in doing this. If you are a chance reader and was able to reach this part, you and I cannot live life long just for nothing. Write a book if you will, form a family of your own, or establish a business enterprise. For as long as it would prove genuinely meaningful to you, regardless of its weight or cover, then nothing more is to be said here.

We have read and heard much about people regretting time lost and time wasted. It would do us good to know this at an early age. I still consider myself young. And this is an announced and firm resolve to come round Time and conquer it, instead of Time conquering me.

(Hope it made sense at least. Tiredness sometimes gets in the way of making my thoughts clearer when written, or typed in this case.)

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