Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mourning the Death of the Hostages

Two days after the Quirino Grandstand (or Luneta) Hostage Crisis, we are now in mourning. Several killed foreigners. One dead culprit.

This is a limbo period, where we are now hastening to put a cap to the investigations and where blame throwing is at its height. More is to be said about the deterioration among the ranks of our police force, the alleged overdoing of the media coverage, the worsening culture of being usisero and usisera, and of the now strained ties between the Philippines and Hong Kong.

But for now, let us go down to the personal level and allow the mourning. However foreign, they are deemed innocent ones, a few ones that have unfortunately been caught in the realm of the perturbation of the mind of the hostage taker.

Death is always close, yet we all must learn to dodge it, at least for the present, and move on with our respective existences.

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