Tuesday, July 27, 2010

KAPWA sa UPLB UPCAT Review 2010 Aftermath and other Musings

Even in this little event of ours, it showed us that there are still individuals who look up to the University of the Philippines as prestigious and to a certain extent, hard-to-get. The existence of various review centers and sessions (prior to the holding of the annual UPCAT) stands evidence to this. Indeed obtaining a slot in UP is an honor already. And thus despite what turned out to be a not-so-conducive place (as was said by the attendees) more than a hundred students trekked to our venue to attend our annual review.

I shall not put myself outside the blames that might have arisen from the event; we all share the work, both residents and alumni alike. Perhaps over the years, we get to learn new things that we incorporate for the next holding of the event. If there have been misses in the past activities, there have certainly been hits (and innovations) which I did not see in the previous reviews.

* reviewers during our past review; photo taken by then Miss Jackieline Reogo

My part in the review was particularly harrowing and it was already a wake-up call for me to improve and make the best out of the degree that I pursued in college. The attendees have all the right to comment on the overall turnout of the review. But they have certainly no right to dictate what are to done or not to be done on the activity.

I particularly detest the comments of the attendees of Canossa College of San Pablo City. They should have set their minds that it was supposed to be a city-wide review and they could not hope to get all the comfort and convenience that they are offered from their walled up school. They are wishing instead that the review should have been held in Canossa.

Canossa? Hello? Baka hindi n’yo alam kung gaano kahirap noong nakaraan na imbitahan kayo sa review at contest! It was not really compulsory; you can ignore our review for all I know. But to attend and just whine, that is another story. You may not recall that I was behind your seating places, and I was hearing how you were struggling to get the discussions understood; discussions which the past attendees have found interesting and fun.

Our review is not a place for entertainment and circus. They could have asked for the review to be held in a comedy bar. We were there to help out our fellow students get in UP, as we have done for past years already. I cannot guarantee the “perfect-ness” of our activity, but we do hope that as we have been through the horrors of being a student there, we should be able to give them insights on how to deal with the exam.

In any case, the review shall still be an annual event. It’s just that I am too sensitive with regards to the way they see the activity that the resident members have painstakingly prepared. To them, I extend my warmest greetings for a job well done. To Sir Bryan Hernandez, Sir Mark Lester Chico, Sir Arnold Sinen, and Jun and Arjay (KAPWA Alumni) for their presence, I also send out my thanks. Special thanks to Sir Ike Prudenet who have always shown the enthusiasm in serving the aspiring UP students of San Pablo City.


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