Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kamusta ang Large Classes?

We, present and former UP students, may have been familiar with a preview of large classes with the lectures that we had for Stat 1, Chem 15, or Physics 81, just to name a few. Now that the shadow of Large Classes that once loomed over the university has already been entrenched in the campus since the start of semester, one cannot help but wonder how this policy is faring so far.

And so I am inviting you, dear UP student (both old and new), to share in here your experiences in having these large classes of yours, or for those who have graduated already before it was implemented, the differences that it could possible give and the possible implications. In short, this would be a survey of some sort in order to have a collective idea – however small it might be – on the good (or not so good) things that it has brought to the university.

Kamusta nga ba ang Large Classes?


ram said...

naranasan ko yung large class noong nag chem 15, stat 1, phys 83, cmsc 21. ang experience ko, ang hirap intindihin yung lesson pag aasa ka lang sa lecture notes. kelangan talagang mag self study din.

Pransism said...

Thanks for sharing this one.

On looking back, ang big deal sa lectures (or large-sized classes for that matter) ay ung lessons talaga.
Having no option for further interaction (i.e. recitation, etc. which was usually reserved sa laboratory),
kailangang gawing sulit ng professor/lecturer ung oras na alloted sa kanila. Siguro kailangan nyang mag crunch-in ng mga
karagdagang mga lessons to stay with the schedule paminsan minsan, pero generally hardcore lesson talaga sa lecture,
kaya nasa estudyante na ang responsibilidad para i-absorb at sulitin din ang lessons.

I heard may mga large classes ngayon na may mga recit. sessions. Pero malaki pa rin ang difference nung dati, ung
class room style ba, na pwedeng mag butt-in ng question o comments. Medyo mahirap ata ung gawin kapag 50+ ung laman ng

Anway, these are all case scenarios. Tingnan na lang natin ang kakalabasan (i.e. mga reaksyon ng mga estudyante)
pagdating ng October.