Thursday, July 1, 2010


Our new president has been sworn in. The messages of high hopes now reach their termination. It’s going to be the real work for him now.

But instead of nagging right here and now about our complaints for and about the government (which again, I say, is just starting now), we might as well like into ourselves, the citizens, and see what we can do to make this government function effectively.
As I have said earlier, it seems to me that is a contractual activity of some sort. The leaders do their necessary responsibilities but we are not hardcore guards that are placed only to criticize when a wrong move is detected. On our part, we should complete the functionality of the law on the other end by giving it respect. We could start out by obeying the simplest of rules – not littering on public places, no spitting on roads and buildings, obeying roads rules, to name a few. We could never complain about the government’s inability to effect changes towards health and environment if we ourselves put these two things into the bins of neglect.

On a higher plane, we could do well to pay the necessary taxes where they are due. At this start, let us give this leadership a shot and help it having the necessary resources to make its agencies fully functioning. Criticisms and suggestions will always be welcome, I suppose. But in lacking actions on our part for the things we complain of, we will all just look like noise-emitting humans, without contributing anything good.

In short, the government leads, we, in turn, make the proper adherence to the laws and the Constitution, and act against if (and only if) there would a gaping handicap that would emerge I the future and which would be inimical to the people.

We have put Noynoy it this pedestal. We should do well if we help his administration. If not, it would only look like that we are a bunch of foolish voters, electing someone and destroying him later on. We facilitate, we help. For beyond that ideal (although I am more than reluctant to use this term) and working democracy, we all very well know what lies ahead of us – the rise of the red flag. But without making things a little morbid, let us make this democracy work for our good, at least for now.

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