Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Onwards: Post-Graduation Musings

I am personally scolding myself now as all the activities connected to the graduation really got into my head. Now that all the ceremonies are over, it is only but natural for me to settle at least for a while and ponder things about it, and share this through this entry.

Indeed, all the formalities of the past week showed to us how good it was to be able to finish the course, however long it took us. We were given the best of luck and all the best wishes one can give during these high times. It was blissful to look back even to the most horrible of all our undergraduate lives which we were able to overcome.

It is more than true (as one friend has said) that now that all the studying is over, one cannot help but feel the urge to study again. There is more free time as a student, lots of choices, and more opportunities to follow one’s desires. To study again is perhaps a good channel to pursue but the present situations, particularly in the country, require us to move at least a little forward, go with the flow a little, so as not to be left behind. Yes, and I believe this to be downright true, that we need to work. But that does not mean that it has to be everything.

I find it an exciting prospect, looking for a good job, sitting in for interviews, among other, things that are totally in reverse of being a student. With new things come new experiences. I hope to find a work soon but not to the point of dropping those passions (if I may call them that) that has grown into me already. It fuels me. Work is crucial for the execution of our responsibilities but it should not clash with our desires.

So that’s it. Onwards to finding a place in which to make use of all the stuff we learned. But I guess that things would lead, in one way or another, to teaching. I really wish I could do it, even for a short time. Science, as I have come to realize, is a vast and closely-connected realm, in a way a world of its own, which is a very challenging filed to tackle. I may not have been a brilliant science student in the past years, but all those trainings have been enough to sculpt in my mind its importance in bringing the country closer to our visions of development and progress. Science may be dealt with for purely academic purposes but I think every Filipino should look for its utility for the betterment of the country.

But of course, despite all our personal plans, the upcoming events in the country would definitely affect our future. The elections (whether we ignore it or not) shall shift our future’s directions. We can only make the necessary and the most convenient adaptations to these. But in any case, we should be the one to lead our own future. I know all these may just be purely word-work but I hope to convey small but effective reminders for us. Being able to graduate may temporarily blind us because of its grandeur. But life, this admittedly unfair and cruel life, must go on.


Anonymous said...

Truly, life must go on for us!!!
Welcome to the real world!!!

mel said...

congrats 'tol!

Pransism said...

Salamat Mel!

Mark Daryl said...

Congrats pransis!

Ako nag work ako for two years, then nag resign ako para maging studyante ulit. Mag start na ako ng MS this june =)

Pransism said...

Salamat Daryl!

Wow,ambilis a.Good luck! San yan? Sa Diliman? Go go go. Sana umabot din ako dyan. Ingats! :)

Mark Daryl F. Ramos said...

Hi Pransis,

Yes, i'll be taking MS Meteorology ;) yehey!

moonfaerie said...

wow, you did it! congratulations po!!!

teacher pransis? bagay! hehe :D

Pransism said...

Salamat Ate! I thought I shall never be able to get past all those thesis works.

Sa pagiging guro..hehe..maganda sana.Pero kailangan munang magparami ng pera sa ngayon. But we'll see.:)

Regards po sa inyong little girl. Been following your blog. Mom na mom ang dating. :)

Naomi said...

aww thank you :)

will be moving back to blogspot soon. i expect to drop by more often. keep up the good work! (for the life of me, i will never figure out how you manage to do all the things you do; i can barely catch up reading your entries)

congratulations again! my brother also just graduated this year. kaya naman I share your happiness and tremendous relief, as well as the anxiety of what's to come.

just follow your heart. and brace yourself... for it's gonna be one hell of a ride :)