Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Onwards: Post-Graduation Musings

I am personally scolding myself now as all the activities connected to the graduation really got into my head. Now that all the ceremonies are over, it is only but natural for me to settle at least for a while and ponder things about it, and share this through this entry.

Indeed, all the formalities of the past week showed to us how good it was to be able to finish the course, however long it took us. We were given the best of luck and all the best wishes one can give during these high times. It was blissful to look back even to the most horrible of all our undergraduate lives which we were able to overcome.

It is more than true (as one friend has said) that now that all the studying is over, one cannot help but feel the urge to study again. There is more free time as a student, lots of choices, and more opportunities to follow one’s desires. To study again is perhaps a good channel to pursue but the present situations, particularly in the country, require us to move at least a little forward, go with the flow a little, so as not to be left behind. Yes, and I believe this to be downright true, that we need to work. But that does not mean that it has to be everything.

I find it an exciting prospect, looking for a good job, sitting in for interviews, among other, things that are totally in reverse of being a student. With new things come new experiences. I hope to find a work soon but not to the point of dropping those passions (if I may call them that) that has grown into me already. It fuels me. Work is crucial for the execution of our responsibilities but it should not clash with our desires.

So that’s it. Onwards to finding a place in which to make use of all the stuff we learned. But I guess that things would lead, in one way or another, to teaching. I really wish I could do it, even for a short time. Science, as I have come to realize, is a vast and closely-connected realm, in a way a world of its own, which is a very challenging filed to tackle. I may not have been a brilliant science student in the past years, but all those trainings have been enough to sculpt in my mind its importance in bringing the country closer to our visions of development and progress. Science may be dealt with for purely academic purposes but I think every Filipino should look for its utility for the betterment of the country.

But of course, despite all our personal plans, the upcoming events in the country would definitely affect our future. The elections (whether we ignore it or not) shall shift our future’s directions. We can only make the necessary and the most convenient adaptations to these. But in any case, we should be the one to lead our own future. I know all these may just be purely word-work but I hope to convey small but effective reminders for us. Being able to graduate may temporarily blind us because of its grandeur. But life, this admittedly unfair and cruel life, must go on.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

On Life’s Chapters and Moving On

Tula para sa mga magsisipagtapos*

tumingala ka, iskolar ng bayan
yakapin ang langit na bumabalot sa iyo
sa lawak ng abot ng iyong tanaw
angkinin ang mundong naghihintay sa iyo

sa iyong paglisan sa pamantasang hirang
sana lagi mong pakatatandaan
ikaw na nakatuntong sa bayan
siya nawa ang iyong paglingkuran

tanawin ang pangarap mo para sa kanya
sa landasin ikaw ang maghawan
upang ang susunod na henerasyon dangal ang abutan
ikaw, iskolar para sa bayan, ang kanilang tularan

* a poem made by Prof. Wensley Reyes, released via Facebook

It is pretty hard to control one’s self regarding discretion on some things especially if it concerns success. Much as I want not to talk about the commencement exercises this month, I would definitely be a sordid killjoy if I keep my mouth shut about it.

For one, this is definitely a success, having suffered from the events and circumstances that I had no complete control and winning over them. This is where I have genuinely experienced the truthfulness of the line ‘quitters never win’. Where can I possibly find myself now if I have completely backed out in those many moments of trying times? I cannot imagine at all.

But then, all these festive celebrations must not be the end in themselves. People call this the end of a life’s chapter. I don’t know, but it does not appeal to me, that term. Perhaps it is because I have already plastered in my mind the continuity of things in my existence. Indeed a triumph calls for celebration, but one has to look forward immediately, to connect the present to the future. For me, it serves to prepare the individual and take him away from the illusion that all is peace here. Academic life is one gigantic mountain to scale. And if one has ever finished it, it could all feel heaven. But beyond the zenith lay the more complex and unpredictable life. Must one then refuse to acknowledge this for a while just to savor the joy of the present?

No, we must all constantly move forward. Especially us, UP students, for we are tasked to do things far more than the other. We are tasked, if not ‘destined’, to serve for the country, for its glory, for its development, for its progress. I hope that by this time, all the UP students have been ironed enough with this thought. We cannot, for any moment, let this thing slip past us. This is who are. This was, this is, and this shall be, our mandate. The moment we entered the university, this is endowed to us all. It matters not if you have finished this academic phase with or without honors. In some instances, perhaps, it may be, but certainly, one’s life in the university can only be judged by the products it shall create after graduation. University education is a big deal, but it’s not everything.

As of now, I can only extend my warmest message of congratulation to the country’s premier university graduates. May we all be champions over our dreams and weaknesses and contribute collectively to the betterment of the Philippines. We have already been given so much reminders and encouragements. We must not disregard or waste them.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pulp Summer Slam Ten (X): The Apocalypse

All roads lead to Amoranto again this April.

We'll have Lamb of God and Testament this year. On April 17. Same old battleground, Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City. Tickets at 300 pesos.

Performances by: Bhelliom (Singapore), FireFallDown (UK), Quartered (Canada)

Greyhoundz, Slapshock, Intolerant, Kamikazee, Sandwich, Chicosci, Typecast, Urbandub, Pedicab, Franco, Hilera, COG, SIN, BloodShedd, Badburn, Piledriver, Arcadia, Pentavia, Ozawa, Alex in Wonderland, Campbell, Sandata, Hatankaru and many more...

Hope to make it this year, before the Commencement Exercises!