Saturday, February 13, 2010

Salute to Ma'am Asuncion

"If health is lost, all is lost." These were the words I have always remembered when we came to talk of Professor Ruperta Asuncion, words that perhaps I would now be keeping for as long
as I can. She has been very comic in many instances and thus her words, indeed, has the capacity to be engrained to the minds of their hearers.
I heard of the death of my former professor aboard a jeepney. They were probably her former acquiantances. At first I did not want to believe, thinking that it would be better to consult that rumor or fact to an intimate. And it was confirmed.
It's quite hard to put any view on the news. It is my belief that she has had a fulfilled life. A mere conjecture this is, but true as far as my experiences of and with her are concerned. She was the typical terror teacher, moody in so many instacnes, but one cannot but feel that ride in having such a high-caliber teacher.
She probably has her own reasons for not entertaining too many visitors during her final days (so the rumors go). After all, she always had that different line of thinking. And that thing, quote collecting aside, would be the one I'd get from her - to put confidence in what we are and what we do. A big salute to you Ma'am!

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