Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On Bible Verses and History

I am currently reading ‘The Grand Collision’ by Manuel Martinez, a book about Ninoy Aquino and Ferdinand Marcos. Having a bible verse on its opening chapter, I naturally checked out on my bible (for I have often observed that people tend to get only a piece of the thought of a particular verse). To my surprise, I did not find it! The book said Genesis 20:37 and I tried skimming through all the verse 37 of Genesis and it was not there.

As much as I want not to resort to search engine, I had no choice. Just seen it. They got it wrong. It should have been 37:20.

Anyway, the book is opening up on Manuel Quezon and the rivalry, if one may call it that, between him and Osmeña. A good read so far.

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