Friday, November 27, 2009

Second San Pablo Comics Festival

The Second San Pablo Comics Festival is a celebration of Philippine comics where one can buy independently produced Filipino comic books (as well as imported ones) and meet the people who create them! There will be a comics art exhibit, art contest, writer and artist signings, comic book sales, mini-tutorials, mini-seminars, panel discussions, and many more! San Pablo too far away? Think of it as a vacation! Think of it as getting away from it all! Think of it as decentralizing Manila and spreading the comics love to the provinces! Plus, you'll get an AWESOME view! See you there!


1 comment:

A Teacher Whom You Know said...

hmm, is this the issue of who should be given the title of National Hero???

Hmm, i guess, they both deserve the title. No more, no less for each.

Eh, what if our present situation goes to our past??? Hahaha, getting weird... NVM...